Lever Arm Corkscrews

Our lever-arm corkscrews or bottle openers are both stylish yet practical. Our Cognoscente and Connoisseur corkscrews from BarCraft operate in exactly the same way as the more expensive Screwpull brand and come in a display case with additional wine accessories.  Ideal as a Christmas or Birthday gift for a wine enthusiast

T-bar Corkscrews

For pulling corks from wine bottles the old fashioned way. With a load and satisfying pop.

Novelty Corkscrews

We have a number of novelty and fun corkscrews, in a stainless steel satin finish and presented in a display box they are ideal for the wine enthusiast with a sense of humour.

Winged Corkscrews

Ensure you have only the best quality professional winged corkscrews when it comes to opening your favourite bottle of wine.  Many of the models shown also include crown-top bottle openers at the top of the handle.

Waiters Friend Corkscrews

Out at a party or picnic? working in a restaurant or bar? A waiters friend corkscrew is a quick and easy way to open a bottle or wine, beer, or cider. It's easy to pop the waiters corkscrew into a pocket or apron.