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Vehicle Design and Fabrication Solutions

Industrial and Commercial Vehicle Auxiliary Compressor Services

Industrial & Commercial Vehicle Design and Fabrication Solutions

PTC360 specialises in the design and manufacture of oil free rotary screw compressor packages.

What​ ​Is​ ​a​ ​Compressor​ ​Package?

A compressor package constitutes all the separate parts that make up a compressor solution. These include box radiator, cooling system, and various other components and supporting parts. Our compressor packages can be designed from scratch to meet our clients’ needs.

How Do They Work?

Compressors blow air out of a pipe at a specific temperature and pressure, up to 8000 m3 per hour, and up to 3.5 bar gage. They can be applied to a range of tasks in various industries. In construction, they are essential for drying products. The food and pharmaceutical industry also finds a number of uses for industrial compressors.

We are a team of engineering driven solution finders, led by Paul Cutter, a man with a vision to create the biggest industrial high volume and high vacuum tank hire company in the UK. He is still working on being the biggest, but with an ethos of proudly going the extra mile to source all parts from Great Britain wherever possible – arguably PTC 360 is already the best!

PTC 360 Solutions
Industrial projects UK

Who Do You Do it For?

PTC360 works primarily with the construction, food and pharmaceutical markets.

Why PTC360?

  • Our size allows us to quickly respond to our clients’ needs. We can design a package and source the parts from UK companies in the shortest time possible, promptly delivering an effective compressor solution.
  • Our fast response rates mean our clients can benefit from shorter lead times for their projects.
  • While our competitors provide either Diesel or electrical unit, PTC360 can provide both. Our flexible approach to component configuration means you can choose either a more mobile Diesel unit, or a stationary electric unit that is suitable for factories.
  • Our compressors are available for hire in tailor made packages designed to suit any environment and situation.