I’m seeing this more often as new insight is getting published, and I REALLY hope we can make it true.

Two examples from last week – 1. the restaurant of an adventure park. One way system in place, fine.  We were seated and had to order food on an app and then pay for it. It took half an hour to be delivered, we were with children, it was boring. We had to order drinks separately (and pay on the app again but in a separate transaction) – they took 20 minutes to come. If we wanted pudding, we had to order again and pay in a 3rd transaction. The menu was limited to 3 deep-fried options and there was not table service. This was set up to be easier and cheaper for the business with fewer staff needed and restricted food options, at the cost of the ease of the customer – and that’s what it felt like. We cancelled supper for the second night there.

And – 2.  A rural pub in Norfolk for another family meal.  One way system in place, fine.  A warm welcome when we were seated.  They had obviously taken on additional (friendly) staff so that all orders for food and drinks were efficiently taken and delivered by table service as we couldn’t go to the bar, a wide menu of fresh food and the bill (and big tip) at the end.  This business was thinking about their customer experience and making changes aimed around putting that first and it really showed!  It was a safe, lovely experience and we recommended it to friends and went back for another meal. It was the Wiverton Bell if anyone wants a recommendation for a North Norfolk meal, by the way!  Have the crab salad!

I really hope people will be active about sharing and talking about their good experiences and helping those businesses who are rising to the challenges we are all facing, and being true to their brands and themselves.

Whether you are a village pub or a global B2B organisation or anything in between – CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MATTERS!!





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