At CX Talent Jo and I have long been interested in the whole end to end world of recruitment and what best practise should and does look like – we love the whole process.  Here are some of the highlights, as well as news on our latest developments.


We start with the business problem – discussions with the hiring manager around what sort of skills and experience the client is looking for to solve their challenges or move them forward.  We need to really understand that in order to be able to find the right talent, and it’s always an interesting and inspiring part of the job.


The candidate experience – this is so important!  We are transparent about the opportunity and the salary banding from the word go, and of course we do all the due diligence we can to make sure that the role is real, signed off and ready to go.  Candidates invest their time, effort, experience and skills in each and eery application (as do we), and we respect and support that.  We try ago make sure that the process moves smoothly. momentum is maintained and feedback is timely.   This isn’t always in our power, but we try!


The shortlist.  Our shortlists are just that – having gone out to our network and had lots of conversations, we usually present between 4 an 6 excellent candidates for consideration – usually within around a week.  We are able to do this because we’ve spent over 8 years building up our network of CX professionals and we know who we want to talk to about each role almost straight away.  The way CVs are presented in the first place has evolved – many companies now ask for names and DOBs to be redacted and some go even further.  We love getting involved with helping businesses act to reduce even unconscious bias in this space.


The result!  A happy Client who has quickly and efficiently filled their role from a carefully and expertly curated shortlist so that in the quickest possible time they are up to speed with their brilliant new recruit in place.  Their other applicants had a decent experience and their business brand is stronger than ever.  And the right Candidate is in the best next job for their career!


Alongside the nuts and bolts of recruitment are the associated issues of employee wellbeing, rewards an benefit packages, bonus structures and so on – and working with HRs to advise on expectations and build the right package is another important part of the job.  We’ve definitely see that changes emerging over the last few years have been accelerating in this aria.  Overwhelmingly now people want some flexibility in how and where they work – and they are absolutely looking for this to be a permanent change post Covid.


This is partly what has led Jo van Riemsdijk (CX Talent co-founder as or course you know) and her architect husband Hans to develop their new business, Modulr Spaces Ltd.  Modulr Spaces offers a premium, architect designed, plug and play office that can be delivered to almost the smallest of outdoor spaces and provided a comfortable, secure, sound proofed, ergonomically optimised office.  It’s aimed at businesses to buy or lease for their staff, and we hope it will fill need for people who are continuing to work from home to be as productive an comfortable as possible.


So at CX Talent we are very much involved with launching and placing this hugely exciting new product and I am sure you will hear more about it!  You can find out more from either of us and/or the link at the end of this article, and any feedback is gratefully received.


The core business of Customer Experience Specialist Recruitment, and the offering of our Magic Hour personal job search training sessions, continues as normal.  We are currently recruiting in London, the Midlands, Europe and Japan, as you may have seen on other posts, and we hope to be busier than ever next year, so please stay in touch!


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