If you, like us, watched so much news you started to stress about it at the beginning of lockdown, you might have got into the habit of staying away.  But it’s now important to be informed so start to tune in again!

We’re talking to lots of candidates who are currently furloughed or looking for work and it’s clear that a common theme is that it’s important to structure your day in a positive way.  Make sure that you include time to look at a newspaper or business website in order to stay up to date – it might well have an impact on your job search!

The chancellor has announced a “green industrial revolution” to help create jobs for people made redundant due to the pandemic.  This will include help and subsidies for areas like green energy – utilities already using offshore wind and carbon capture and those who move into these, all aspects of cleantech, recycling, tree planting / forestry, biodiversity, renewable and low-carbon transport.  Companies operating in these sectors are likely to be hiring across the board, from customer facing to business transitioning, project managers and of course customer experience professionals!

The government is also suggesting NI holidays for employers actively hiring to encourage the market to pick up speed.  So do stay in touch with the news – don’t obsess over it but look out for these trends and spend some useful time looking at companies likely to be affected.  Start to follow them on social media so you know when they are starting to make those hires.

Remember – your skills are likely to be transferable between sectors so start thinking now about how to emphasise your skills and experience and think creatively.  It’s not only going to be about energy, renewables and green transport either –  Pandora has announced plans to move over to using only recycled gold and silver for all its’ jewellery by 2025!  Recycling alone is a huge and broad sector and well worth keeping an eye on.

So, lots of change is about and a lot of it is positive – public opinion around climate change is more supportive than ever and it looks as though this is going to translate into a significant market for new recruitment.


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